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Why We Feel Pain

Pain is a good thing. Quite simply, it’s a message from your brain telling you that something is wrong. If your brain wasn’t warning you that you’d been injured, you wouldn’t know it and the injury could get worse. Pain tells you to stop what you’re doing immediately because it’s harming you. It’s also about …

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Driving Can Be Bad For Your (Spine) Health

In the last few years, truck stops have been adding new additions―chiropractor offices. Now, along with catching a shower, some food, and maybe a haircut, truckers can get a spinal adjustment. It’s really no wonder why.  Anyone who has driven a long distance know’s that driving can be hard on the back. When you sit …

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Is Your Job Causing Your Back Pain?

For most workers, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week are spent doing the same thing, whether it’s sitting at a computer, driving a vehicle, or moving around.  Our bodies don’t like this, being in the same position, sitting or standing or doing some kind of manual labor for extended periods and make their …

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