Chiropractic Services List

Below you will find a list of various services that our chiropractor can advice on and perform.  By clicking on any of the items you will be given a more thorough description regarding the injury and what could help.

icon-back-massageThe Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic adjustment, or manipulation, is designed to induce minor movement of the misaligned spinal vertebrae. The purpose of the adjustment is to realign the vertebrae that have subluxated. Learn More

icon-massage-electricElectric Muscle Stimulation

Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a great aid in the healing process. The purpose of electrical muscle stimulation is to reduce swelling, release trigger points, reduce muscle spasm and cause the body to release endorphins, natural pain killing substances. Learn More


Cryotherapy is a great asset in treating muscle spasms. Applying this therapy to the affected soft tissue provides a cooling relief as well as numbing sensation. Learn More


Aqua- Massage another word for Hydro-therapy is performed with the patient lying back, completely clothed, on the surface of a table. Just under the mattress is heated water and Jacuzzi pumps called hydro-jets that propel the water towards the patients injured areas. Learn More

icon-laying-downIntersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction provides gentle stretching of spinal joints and the surrounding muscles. Is performed with the patient lying on their back on a table as rollers underneath the surface gently move up and down the spine. Learn More

icon-heat-padMoist Heat Therapy

Moist heat therapy is also known as Thermal Therapy. It is the application of moist heating pads to the injured area. It is commonly used in the rehabilitation process. Learn More

icon-phys-therapyPhysical Rehabilitation Therapy

The goal of physical rehabilitation is to improve strength, movement, muscle flexibility and positional awareness. This will result in an increased balance, kinesthetic awareness, eliminated muscle spasm, balance and improved posture. Learn More


X-rays are commonly taken to allow the Doctor of Chiropractic to view the bone structure of the spine and surrounding structure. Learn More

icon-back-rubManual Muscle Therapy

Massage has many benefits on the body and mind including: removal of toxins that have built up in the muscles, increased flexibility and circulation. Overall, massage is a great way to improve overall health. Learn More