A common ailment in our fast paced and pressure filled world are headaches. Some of the causes include emotional stress, physical trauma, chemical toxins or nutritional deficiencies. A common cause of headaches is misaligned or fixated joints of the neck or back. These affect the nerves, muscles and blood flow to the head. Often, over the counter medication is used in an attempt to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, the result is a masking of the underlying cause.

An examination by a Doctor of Chiropractic can determine if chiropractic care is the preferred method for treating your headaches. Combining chiropractic adjustments with nutritional and lifestyle change can be the best course to reduce the headaches intensity and frequency.

Please note: if you have suffered from headaches for years, healing can take time. A visit to North County Pain Relief Center is a great start. If we are unable to determine the cause of your headaches, we will recommend another specialist who may be able to help.

Migraine headaches affect approximately 45 million Americans, or 15% of the population. It is a problem that many have learned to live with since they have failed to find a cure for their migraines. It is unfortunate, because this may not be necessary.

While all of the causing factors of migraines are still unknown, one source is better understood. There is increasing evidence that for some, poor joint motion of the neck can irritate nerves from the upper spine, making one susceptible for migraines. These nerves are connected to the trigeminal nucleus, which is a relay center for many of the nerves and blood vessels going to the head. According to medical neurologist, Dr. Michael Anthony, this nerve irritation in should be corrected before any medication is tried.

One of the most effective treatments for migraines is chiropractic manipulation. A study funded by the government of Australia, conducted at the University of New South Wales is one of the most complete research studies to date. Conducted by both medical and chiropractic researchers, this study found chiropractic care for migraines provided the most long lasting relief any treatments tested. Further, a prominent chiropractic researcher, Dr. Howard Vernon of Canada, reported similar results. The results of these studies revealed that on average, migraine subjects over a 30 percent reduction in the frequency and duration of their headaches. It was also found that they experienced a 55 percent increase in activities that were previously restricted do to the headaches.

For many who suffer needlessly from headaches, chiropractic care can bring much needed relief. Headaches are not a problem that you have to learn to live with.

Headache from Car Accident

In many cases after a car accident, people who have neck pain go to the emergency room, but if the injuries aren’t life-threatening, they are often sent home with painkillers and orders to rest.  Many people begin to have headaches after an accident, even if they have never had headaches before.  Those who already suffered from headaches may find that the accident has made the problem worse.

Headaches After an Accident

The headache pain after an accident is usually described as starting at the base of the head.  It often gets worse as time passes and may move to the front of the head as well.  When you are in an accident, your head will probably be whipped back and forth quickly.  When this movement occurs, the discs in your spine may be squished and in turn put pressure on the nerves in the neck.  The muscles of the neck may also be stretched too far during the trauma, possibly resulting in myofascial pain disorder, basically feeling pain in one area from pressure on muscles in a different area.

Headaches are often caused by subluxations (a slight misalignment or partial dislocation) in the neck and upper back.  You may feel pain behind your eyes, in part of your head or a pounding throughout your head.  Some people suffer from nausea associated with this pain.  Those who have suffered a whiplash injury are at risk to suffer from headaches.  In some cases these headaches can become chronic and last for months.  It is always important to come in for an evaluation if you have been in a car accident, whiplash is common in accidents that may seem like the speed was too low to do any damage.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic care to address a headache has many advantages over simply using commonly prescribed medications.  You are treating the cause of the headache, not the symptom, helping to remove the source and therefore preventing future headaches.  There are fewer side effects and you will receive a longer relief period using chiropractic care to treat headaches.  Dr. Elsey, a chiropractor near Florissant and Hazelwood, Missouri, can address the misalignments that can cause these headaches by adjusting your neck and back to help relieve pressure and help treat the cause of the pain.

We want to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. It is silly to live with a problem that can be dealt with!  Everyone is unique, each situation is a little different, and we will make a thorough evaluation before we begin treatment.

Typically the muscles at the base of your skull are the cause of headaches.  These muscles can shorten and be stiff and painful.  You can stress these muscles if the bones of your neck and back are out of alignment.  The muscles of the neck will tighten and can compress your nerves.  You will feel the compression as a headache.

A traumatic event like a car accident or fall can also contribute to stresses on your neck and spine.  You may not feel the effects immediately, but symptoms like headaches can emerge days or weeks after the accident and can continue for years.
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