The Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic adjustment, or manipulation, is designed to induce minor movement of the misaligned spinal vertebrae. The purpose of the adjustment is to realign the vertebrae that have subluxated.

The misaligned vertebra has a general systemic affect on our body including the muscle and nervous system. Improper alignment affects the flow of nerve messages from the brain to various body systems are impeded, affecting our overall function and quality of life.

The adjustment is performed by the Doctor of Chiropractic and is using pressure from an instrument or hands to gently and painlessly move the vertebrae back into place. Sometimes there is a popping sound, much like someone cracking his or her knuckle, which is referred to as joint cavitation. This is the result of oxygen and nitrogen gases from the joint fluid.

The adjustment is a great way to maintain the body functioning at an optimum level. Proper body alignment allows it to perform as it was intended.