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Chronic Pain – How We Can Help!

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts for weeks to years and there can be many causes such as an illness or injury. No matter the cause, dealing with chronic pain can interfere with daily activities and can lead to depression and anxiety. Chronic pain is physically and psychologically stressful and the constant discomfort can …

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When Back Pain Just Won’t Stop!

Ongoing back pain can be not only physically tiring but also emotionally tiring. Without the proper treatment, back pain can be persistent and can affect your everyday living. Here are some tips of what to do when you can’t get relief from your ongoing back pain: Call A Doctor Overuse of the body can cause …

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How to Avoid Back Pain Working From Home

In the last couple of years many companies have offered its employee’s the option to work from home due to the pandemic. This option can have many advantages but often times that means less time getting outdoors and less movement during the day for your body. Less physical movement and more time spent sitting can …

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