Chronic Pain – How We Can Help!

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts for weeks to years and there can be many causes such as an illness or injury. No matter the cause, dealing with chronic pain can interfere with daily activities and can lead to depression and anxiety. Chronic pain is physically and psychologically stressful and the constant discomfort can lead to anger and frustration.

 Living with constant pain can be a battle that impacts everyday activities and relationships. Finding the initial cause of constant pain is the first step in determining the best treatment plan; however, when that may not be possible or if a person finds little to no relief, it may be best to seek chiropractic treatment. 

A chiropractic office can help a person find relief through a variety of non-surgical treatments such as a chiropractic adjustment, manual muscle therapy and physical therapy. 

A chiropractic adjustment is designed to relieve pressure on the joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function which can increase the body’s ability to heal itself. Manual muscle therapy can help with soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms and aid in the healing process by reducing the overall recovery time. Chiropractic therapy focuses on treating disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system and is most often used to treat various types of pain.

Making the decision to seek treatment with a chiropractic office can be beneficial to helping a person cope with the constant battle of chronic pain. Scheduling an appointment to discuss the many advantages to chiropractic care is the first step! It is important for a person to discuss their medical history with the doctor so that they can provide the best plant of treatment. Other important factors to discuss with the doctor are:

  • Any prior injuries, surgeries or car accidents
  • List of current medications or supplements
  • Dates for when the pain started, increased or changed
  • Information on what makes the pain worse or makes it better
  • Identify the specific area on the body where the pain is worse
  • Prior medical history and diagnosis, including any prior chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic care is a great option to manage chronic pain without the use of drugs or surgery. Routine chiropractic care offers pain relief in a natural manner, while also working to restore mobility and flexibility in any joints that may be suffering from inflammation or strain. The ultimate goal of chiropractic treatment is to help relieve pain and help patients better manage their condition at home.

We at North County Pain Relief are devoted to providing exceptional medical care and are committed to putting our patients first and have helped thousands to achieve a better quality of life. If you suffer from chronic pain and wish to seek chiropractic treatment or require any additional information regarding how our office can help you with your chronic pain, please feel free to contact our office at (314)731-4201. We look forward to working with you and helping you in your return to health!