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Chronic Pain – How We Can Help!

Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts for weeks to years and there can be many causes such as an illness or injury. No matter the cause, dealing with chronic pain can interfere with daily activities and can lead to depression and anxiety. Chronic pain is physically and psychologically stressful and the constant discomfort can …

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Tips to Keeping the Body Healthy During the Summer Months

The warmer weather and extra sunlight during the summer months can give us a boost of energy and motivation to be more active.  If you are planning on being outdoors more in the summer months, it’s good to know what to avoid in order to reduce the risk of injury to the body. Here are …

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How Weight Loss Can Help Your Back Pain

In the United States, we’ve faced our fair share of issues with the obesity health crisis. As of 2018, 42 percent of adults in the United States were obese. Being obese certainly leads to back problems, but being overweight in any fashion can, too. It’s important to keep your weight in check if you want …

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