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10 Stress Relievers for Difficult Times

  Stress and anxiety can come out of nowhere.  You can be minding your own business, having a perfectly normal day, and then BAM!  You are struck by near-paralyzing anxiety.  The truth is, for some people stress and anxiety is a crippling and constant problem but everyone deals with a certain amount of stress, particularly …

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For People and Germs, It’s a Small World After All

Today, the world is smaller than ever before.  You could start your day with a hearty breakfast in Peoria, IL and end it with a late-night dinner on the Nile.  Unfortunately, along with your return baggage, you may also bring with you an unintended souvenir:  bacteria and viruses.  The best defense against these kinds of …

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Celebrate Valenspine’s Day With Better Spine Health

Mid-February is just around the corner and you know what that means… Valenspine’s Day! That’s right!  February 14th is Valenspine’s Day!  How does one celebrate Valenspine’s Day, you ask?  Why, by showing your spine how much you love it, of course! The health of your spine is vital to the health of your whole body.  …

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