How to Avoid Back Pain Working From Home

In the last couple of years many companies have offered its employee’s the option to work from home due to the pandemic. This option can have many advantages but often times that means less time getting outdoors and less movement during the day for your body. Less physical movement and more time spent sitting can mean big problems for your back and neck.

Sitting for an extended period of time without standing or stretching can contribute to back pain. Little to no movement during the day can compress the discs in your spine and cause your discs to bulge, putting pressure on your spinal nerve. The posture of your spine is reliant on constant flexibility and movement and sitting for long periods of time can cause your discs to lose their cushion ultimately leading to back pain.

Back pain can be easily avoided by following these simple tips:

Practice Good Posture

Working from home generally means sitting at a desk working on a computer for multiple hours a day and if you do not practice good posture you could be at risk for back and neck pain. Poor posture can lead to many complications such as back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration and headaches. Over time, pressure on your spine from poor posture can lead to changes in your spine, pressure on muscles, discs and joints as well as nerve damage – increasing pain and the risk for an injury.

Bad posture can be corrected and the pain caused by it can be treated with chiropractic treatment which will help to loosen the muscles in your neck and shoulders. It is important that if you are sitting for long periods of time, you should practice good posture to ensure a healthy spine and avoid any unnecessary pain!

Take Breaks & Stretch

Working behind a desk and sitting for eight hours a day can make daily physical activity seem like a challenge but it can be easier than you think! Take short breaks often and during those breaks make sure to stretch out your muscles. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy. It can also improve your posture and decrease back pain and muscle soreness. Staying active while you work from home can be easy! While stretching during your breaks can greatly improve your flexibility and ease any pain or discomfort caused by sitting long periods of time, you can also take a brief walk around the neighborhood or your home to help loosen up your joints and muscles.

Sitting for long periods of time can be a major cause of your back pain which is why practicing proper posture, taking frequent breaks and stretching your muscles can help avoid any unwanted pain.

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