Stretching During The Summer Months

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the sun while keeping your body active! There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors with activities, camping, traveling and all require that your body be in good condition to fully enjoy and embrace the season!

Regardless of what you have planned, keeping your body active this summer by stretching your muscles first can be a great way to avoid an injury. Stretching can increase flexibility – the ability for your joints to move through their full range of motion. Flexibility reduces your risk of injury and can reduce joint pain and stiffness, making those summer activities much easier and more enjoyable!

Static Stretching

Static stretching is where you stretch a muscle to the end of its range of motion and hold for 30 seconds or more. This form of stretching helps increase muscle length and can help your muscles recover faster after a workout. It is also a good way to release stress and tension in your muscles, which can help you feel more relaxed. An example of static stretching would be to sit on the floor with your leg out in front of you and place the sole of your foot to the inside of your thigh, lift your arms over your head and reach your arms down, resting your hands on your foot, legs or the floor and hold for 30 seconds or more. This stretch allows the hamstring muscles to relax making it easier to perform daily tasks such as walking up stairs or bending over. This type of stretch is easy to add into your daily routine so that you can be sure to keep up with your family during those summer hiking adventures!

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is when you use repetitive movements to improve the range of motion and unlike static stretching, the stretch position is not held. This form of stretching is useful for warming up the muscles by increasing the temperature of your muscles which helps them to move to their full potential. It can help you warm up before exercise and improve overall flexibility. An example of a dynamic stretch would be a squat – standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor, pause and then return to the starting position. This type of stretch targets your glutes and hip muscles which can prepare your body for more vigorous movements. Dynamic Stretching can be most beneficial as a pre-activity warm up to loosen and wake up the body. By implementing a few dynamic stretches into your daily routine you can increase your range of motion and better prepare your body for an enjoyable summer outing!

Summer is a time to enjoy the weather outdoors with friends and family and without daily stretching to keep up with the fun activities you take the risk of being injured. There are many different types of stretches that can be easily added to your daily routine.

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