When Back Pain Just Won’t Stop!

Ongoing back pain can be not only physically tiring but also emotionally tiring. Without the proper treatment, back pain can be persistent and can affect your everyday living. Here are some tips of what to do when you can’t get relief from your ongoing back pain:

Call A Doctor

Overuse of the body can cause back pain, especially when performing tasks that involve heavy lifting and sitting for long periods of time. It’s good to call a doctor when back pain occurs so that they can determine the cause of the pain. A Doctor of Chiropractic can be a great option if you are tired of living in pain! It is important to schedule an examination with a doctor and to have testing completed so that they can fully understand the extent of your back injury.  An x-ray or MRI test will help your doctor understand the source of your pain and can recommend the right plan of action for treatment.


Sudden onset of back pain can be especially burdensome, and rest can be the best option. Initially it is best to take the time to rest the body so that your muscles can relax. Often, lower back pain can get better with rest, ice and over-the-counter pain relievers; however, if after a few days of rest, you notice that you are unable to get back to your normal activities, it may be best to seek medical attention.

Exercise/Physical Therapy

Staying active increases blood flow to your body and can help you heal. Exercising the back reduces stiffness by keeping the tendons flexible – preventing additional injury and back pain. Often a chiropractic office will recommend physical therapy which may include stretching and strengthening exercises as well as low-impact aerobic exercises which may help in long term pain reduction. It is always important to discuss with your doctor the proper exercise or physical therapy program suited best for your recovery needs.

Diet Changes

Often times, what we eat can cause inflammation in our bodies which can contribute to many diseases and chronic joint pain. Processed foods, fast foods and foods high in saturated fats are all examples of foods that can cause inflammation in the body. By avoiding or limiting the consumption of these foods, you can limit the amount of inflammation in your body resulting in less pain. Incorporating more whole foods such as fruits and vegetables into your diet can help reduce inflammation. There are many foods that can fight inflammation and it is important that you discuss with your doctor which foods are best for your needs.

We at North County Pain Relief put our patient’s health first and are devoted to providing exceptional medical care. We always take the time to answer any medical questions you may have and help to make sure your appointment times are convenient for you. If you are suffering with back pain and need medical attention, please feel free to contact our office for an initial evaluation at (314) 731-4201. We look forward to speaking with you about the long-term benefits that chiropractic care can provide and to help you get the care you deserve!