How to Prepare The Body for Amusement Parks

Summer is in full swing which for some means a trip to an amusement park! Amusement parks are a great summertime activity because they are full of excitement, fun activities and can provide enjoyment to everyone in the family! Here are some tips on how to prepare your body and avoid an injury during your fun outing:

Loosen your muscles

It’s true that when you schedule a day at an amusement park, there’s going to be a lot of walking! Your legs and feet can become tired quickly if you aren’t used to walking far distances, which is why it may be best to stretch your muscles before heading to the park. Stretching before you walk helps decrease the chance of injury and can increase how far you can go and limit muscle soreness. Theme parks have a lot of ground to cover and completing a good stretch routine prior can make a world of difference! 

Stay Hydrated

In the summer, high temperatures and humidity can ruin your day if you don’t prepare accordingly. A day at an amusement park in the summer can make the heat feel worse especially when you are surrounded by crowds of people and have the sun beaming down on you as you wait in the long lines. The good thing is that we can prevent becoming overheated by drinking plenty of water to restore the water we lose as we sweat. Also, wearing protective clothing, hats and taking many breaks in the shade or indoors can help your body from suffering heat stroke. 

Consider Each Ride First

Amusement parks offer so many activities and rides but that doesn’t mean that your body will be ready or prepared for all of the rides offered. While roller coasters can be a thrill-seeking pleasure to most, some fear riding them because the sudden jerks from side to side and increases in speed can be hard on the lower back and neck. These types of rides can cause neck and spine injuries if your body is already in bad shape so it is always best to carefully consider your past injuries and current condition – it may even be best to speak with your doctor or chiropractor prior to taking the leap and getting on a roller coaster ride. 

Amusement parks can be such a summer staple and can create long-term family memories, but it can also be tiring, and a long day spent at the park can be hard on the body. If you have enjoyed a summer day at an amusement park or plan to do so, seeking medical advice from a chiropractic doctor can be beneficial as they can help guide you on getting more relief and ensure you stay in optimal health. 

If a day at the amusement park has your body feeling less than perfect, please feel free to contact North County Pain Relief at (314) 731-4201 to see how we can help you in finding relief during the summer months!