Car Accident Whiplash: What Works

Any sort of car crash can cause you long term pain.  Even in low impact accidents, collisions at less than ten miles per hour, you can experience whiplash.   Be aware that any accident can leave you with long term injuries.  You should visit a chiropractor even if you don’t feel immediate pain.

It is a common misconception, that if you do not feel pain you are not hurt.  Often after a collision people experience shock, which can block pain from being felt.  Some people will not feel pain from their injuries until the next day; some people may not feel it for weeks or even months.

Typically you will feel pain from whiplash in the first few days; other injuries may take longer to surface, and some may become chronic if not taken care of quickly.  It is a good idea to see a chiropractor after an accident, you can point out any specific areas of pain, and we may be able to address injuries before they become painful.

Steps you should take after an accident

  1. Make notes about your accident,
  2. where you were seated,
  3. the impacted area of the car,
  4. and what position you were in after the accident.
  5.  Also make notes about any symptoms you feel.

We can use this information to help recreate the accident, to help understand what areas of your body may have been affected.  We offer X-rays to help determine exactly what has been injured, as well as a variety of treatments to address the damage after an accident.

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