Whiplash Treatment: How to Feel Better

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WHIPLASH: most individuals are familiar with this term. Many have suffered neck injury from a whiplash. The term whiplash is not the actual diagnosis, but it describes the manner in which the injury occur

In the typical scenario, you are stopped in your car, at a light or stop sign, and another vehicle slams into the back of yours. The force of the impact thrusts your lower body and mid-back forward, while your head whips backwards on your neck. When your head strikes the headrest it then bounces forward. This whiplash type motion takes place in less than 1 second, yet it can take months or even years to recover from some injuries suffered in a whiplash incident.

Symptoms Of A Whiplash Injury
The symptoms produced by a whiplash injury vary, based on what structures have been damaged. Most commonly, the injured areas include: small spinal joints called facets, ligaments, and muscles.

Some of the more common symptoms these damaged structures produce include:

Chiropractic Treatment Of Whiplash
Initially, many individuals attempt to treat whiplash injury with medication, whether over the counter or prescription. Unfortunately, they soon find out the medication does not fix the injury; at best it just masks the underlying damage.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be the best form of treatment for injuries related to whiplash. A study that was performed to test the effectiveness of chiropractic revealed a 93% effectiveness rate for those suffering from chronic whiplash type symptoms. (1)

Why Chiropractic Works
At North County Pain Relief Center, our focus is on two things: Getting you out of pain and helping your injured spine heal as quickly as possible. Dr. Adam Elsey is a chiropractor in Florissant and Hazelwood, Missouri, with years of experience treating whiplash injuries. He has extensive training in the mechanisms of injury, diagnosis and treatment of the various conditions associated with whiplash injury. He can tailor a treatment program designed around your specific injury.

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