The Facts: Recovering from Back Pain Effectively

Lying on the couch and resting?  No.  And stretching and icing will only get you so far.  WIthout proper alignment of the spine, your back will continue to give you pain and may even cause you to suffer more in the long-term.  Dr. Adam Elsey, a Hazelwood and Florissant, MO, chiropractor can help provide you alignment in the areas that you are suffering from.  If you’ve recently injured your back, it’s more than likely that a vertebrae is out of place and stretching and conditioning your back will not be the remedy to your problem.

A study was recently done that included 49 individuals who suffered from chronic back pain.  These individuals were assigned at random to undergo manual therapy or placebo treatment.  Manual therapies are a common practice at Dr. Elsey’s office and include things like spinal mobilization and chiropractic adjustments.  These patients, immediately after their treatment, did stretches, mobility exercises, conditioning, and motor and muscle control workouts.  They were treated 8 times and received an examination after 3 and 6 months.

Not long after treatment, the patients that had received manual therapy plus did exercise experienced better relief from their pain than the individuals who did not receive the manual therapies but did exercise.  The benefit continued even after the three and six-month follow-up sessions.  The results exposed the fact that a treatment of both exercise and chiropractic alignments provided better conditioning than the exercise alone.

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