Tips for Ergonomics

Your back required necessary support when sitting.  If your workstation is set-up to allow for the best ergonomics and posture you’ll receive benefits that will decrease your risk of back pain.  It’s important to understand how appropriate lifting procedures and postures reflect on the health of your spinal chord.

If you are utilizing ergonomics properly you can help prevent pain in your back.  Many adults spend most of their day sitting at a computer or standing with their head looking down.  These positions are terrible for your neck and back.  People were made to be active and our bodies were designed to be mobile.

It is beneficial for employers to make sure they facilitate proper ergonomics for both lifting techniques and posture.  Cases have proven that employees who maintain proper posture and ergonomics are less likely to call in sick.  They’re more productive and experience fewer injuries to their neck and back.

Dr. Elsey recommends that you take breaks and stretch often if  you are at a desk all day or stand for long period with your head looking down.  If you are at a desk most of the day, make sure it is setup appropriately for your body.  Your chair needs to be at a height that will allow your feet to be flat on the floor, and your hips need to be a little lower than your knees.  Position your keyboard so your hands and wrists are in-line with your forearms.

If you lift heavy objects often, bend your knees.  If you lift at your hips by bending them you cause strain on your lower back and may cause pulled muscles and herniated discs.  Make sure you lift with your legs and do not twist your body while carrying heavy objects.  These tips will help prevent injuries and pain to your back and will keep you from missing work.

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