Low Impact Collisions – Do they hurt?

Even if your car looks fine, there may be damage to your body from the impact of a car accident.  A lot of folks will go straight to work following a car accident so they do not miss out on sick days.  It’s not unusual for calls to come in from car accidents where the vehicle has no visible damage.  People have told us in the past that although the damage to the car is insignificant, they are in a lot of pain.  Insurance companies may tell you that due to the impact being at a low speed collision there was probably not any damage to your body.  However, science will tell you differently.

In the past, you may have heard that the bumper on your vehicle will help prevent damage from impacts up to 5 miles per hour.  Quietly, the government changed the rules due to pressure from the auto industry and now only speeds of 2.5 or less or protected by bumper standards.  Since the statement about 5 miles per hour impacts became so common, most individuals still assume that anything less than 5 mph will not harm their bodies.  However, this is untrue and the government has yet to prove if our bodies are not injured at low-speed impacts.

The phenomenon least recognized by the world is that variable speeds may or may not leave impacts on the bumpers of vehicles.  Private studies have tested impacts of speeds over 17 mph leaving no observable bumper damage.  Even at that speed, people in the vehicle can still suffer injury even if no damage has been taken by the bumper.  The insurance industry’s statement that an individual cannot take injury from a low impact crash is false.923935_76535402

If your insurance company tells you there is no possible way you could have been injured in a St. Louis car accident due to no damage to your vehicle, do not follow their assumption.  There are no proven scientific facts that support your insurance company’s theory.  If you have recently been in a car accident or collision, please contact Dr. Adam Elsey, a chiropractor in Hazelwood and Florissant, Missouri.  Dr. Adam Elsey is experienced with treating many types of car related injuries and musculoskeletal pain.  Call Dr. Elsey at (314) 731-4201.