St. Louis, Sports, and Chiropractors!

St. Louis is a city of sports.  We follow baseball with enthusiasm, hockey with energy, and who needs a football team anyway.  We have softball leagues through work and football at family gatherings.  We like to play.  Here at North County Pain Relief, we want to be on your team!

Everyone in our office wants to keep you in the game.  We want to help with preventative strategies but we are also here for the unexpected injury.  Pushing your limits to be the best and most competitive can have drawbacks on your body.  Let us help with pain management, improving circulation, improving balance, and suggesting exercises or stretches to help improve your body’s muscular balance.

Most often we see back and neck pain, sprained ankles, and tennis elbow.  We also see rotator cuff tears and general ligament injuries.  If you have been injured during a sport or if you feel like pain is slowly accumulating take the time to contact our office.  We work with all ages so we can help your niece on the soccer team and your coworker that got a little carried away with your last basketball game.

We would love to meet with you and get to know you as we help you determine how we can be most helpful.  If you have a specific injury we will discuss the duration and severity of your symptoms.  We will discuss any problem areas and activities that increase or decrease pain.  We may ask questions about your medical history.

If necessary we can take x-rays in house to see exactly what is going on and how we need to move forward.  We have a variety of treatment options, set up an appointment to learn what options will be best for you.

Because of our variety of treatments and experience working with sports injuries we can often rehabilitate an injury and strengthen and improve performance to help keep you safe in the future.  You may not think of a chiropractor as a proactive option, often people view chiropractors as an option only once an injury has been sustained, but we can help prevent sports injuries!

Maintaining a healthy balance, encouraging proper posture and helping to maintain mobility and strength we can make much less likely to be injured while participating in sports.

Call our office today and get back in the game!