Chiropractic Tips for Pregnant Women

Most women will develop lower back pain during their pregnancy, especially during the final trimester. Chiropractic care can help not only with the back pain, but by restoring balance to your body during this time of change. Here are a few tips to help your pregnancy be as healthy and comfortable as possible!

Try to keep exercising but make sure that you are choosing appropriate options. Swimming, walking, and stationary cycling can be great choices during pregnancy. Always be aware of how your body is responding when you are exercising, if you feel nauseous or dizzy, or notice other unusual symptoms, stop immediately.

Dr. Elsey can recommend stretches and exercises that are appropriate for your particular body and stage of pregnancy to help maintain the highest level of health for you and the baby.

Choose several small meals and healthy snacks instead of three large meals. Eating smaller meals more consistently allows your body to absorb the highest amount of nutrition from your meals. You can also alleviate nausea by eating this way.

Shoes are important! Your feet (along with the rest of your body) are going to be dealing with more stress and pressure while you are pregnant so be smart about your shoe choice! Select shoes that have adequate arch support. Skip the heels, choose flat, supportive shoes. You are supporting more weight while your child is developing. Your ligaments are also loose at this time so be kind to your body.

When you are sleeping placing a pillow between your knees and laying on your side can help to alleviate lower back pressure, a body pillow is a great option.

Schedule regular visits with your chiropractor. Keeping the body aligned during pregnancy is important to maintain healthy nervous system function and skeletal structure. Your entire body is facing changes, but your spine and pelvis espescially are going through an increase in physical stress.


Your chiropractor can help to keep your body safe and healthy, and regular chiropractic care can actually reduce labor time. Call our office, we want to make your pregnancy as healthy and easy as it can be, for you and the baby!