Thanksgiving Tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner it is time to count our blessings and reflect on what we are thankful for.  At North County Pain Relief we are thankful for you!  We are grateful for the opportunities to help our St. Louis family heal from injuries, take action with preventative care, and grow healthy together!

This month we want to share some Thanksgiving tips to keep you happy and healthy for the holidays!  As exciting as the holidays are, they can often be a time of stress. Getting your family on the road and safely to the gathering point or preparing to have family and friends over can be a trying time.

Road safety!

If you are driving to a relative’s house take breaks on the road, getting out of the vehicle and stretching helps to avoid lower back and neck pain by restoring normal posture.  When you are packing the car take a few smaller trips instead of straining under the weight of a load that is too large.  Before you leave the driveway make sure everyone is buckled and adjust your headrest so that it is about two inches below the top of your head.  This may help to reduce or avoid the effects of whiplash in the unfortunate case of an accident.


Stress can have negative health effects so take a moment to reflect on all that you have to be grateful for and take a few deep breaths.  Taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and steadily can also give your digestive system a boost!


Take a walk around the neighborhood.  Grab a relative and enjoy some quality time. The exercise is great for your heart and the quiet setting can help you relax and destress.  Walking can also help with digestion, so take a little walk after dinner!


If politics or religion find their way to your dinner table laughter can be a great way to ease a little tension.  Laughter is also great for your heart and helps with healthy blood vessel function.

Enjoy the food!

One day of stringent diet or one day of slight indulgence isn’t going to make a huge change either way.  Enjoy this time with family and don’t hold back from that little piece of dessert!  Pumpkins have vitamins and fiber so enjoy the pie, soup, or seeds! Turkey helps strengthen your immune system and is full of vitamins and protein. Potatoes have fiber, vitamins and can help lower blood pressure.  Cranberries can help prevent urinary tract infections!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and thank you St. Louis, we are very grateful to be in this wonderful city!