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Qualifications of a Personal Injury Chiropractic

  A chiropractor plays a vital role not just in your recovery from a personal injury incident, but also in your claim with insurance. They help a lawyer write out the legalese of the incident which will affect your settlement and payments for care. This alone is the reason why any chiropractor you see needs …

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The Legalese of Personal Injury and How Chiropractic Helps

Being injured due to neglect or reckless behavior is scary for anyone. The last thing someone may want to do is see a chiropractor. This is especially true if they haven’t worked with one before. You may be surprised when your lawyer asks you to immediately see a recommended chiropractor. This is because the two …

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The Importance of Chiropractor-Patient Relationship

Having a personal injury claim can be messy and life-altering. Getting the help you need to primarily restore your health is incredibly important. This can be done with a trusted chiropractor. But ensuring you get to a pain-free state is not their only job. Chiropractors play a large role in the legalese of a personal …

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