The Importance of Chiropractor-Patient Relationship

Having a personal injury claim can be messy and life-altering. Getting the help you need to primarily restore your health is incredibly important. This can be done with a trusted chiropractor. But ensuring you get to a pain-free state is not their only job. Chiropractors play a large role in the legalese of a personal injury claim.

Truth be told, chiropractors have a stake in the game because they are the ones doing the assessment that eventually will determine your settlement or money awarded to you from the insurance company or party at fault. This is why it is undeniably important to have a trusted chiropractor-patient relationship.

A lot can go wrong from malpractice to negligence when it comes to working with a chiropractor. Here is why your relationship is so important.

Manipulation and Trust

A signal of a good chiropractor-patient relationship is when the client is sure there is no manipulation of the facts. A chiropractor who is experienced will know trap words and certain things that can strengthen or weaken a claim.

When your chiropractor is doing their intake form, it should be detailed while also allow you to speak freely on what happened. You shouldn’t feel that the questions are provoking specific answers that aren’t true to your case.

This is one of the easier ways to get it dismissed by an opposing lawyer. If the initial intake is done wrong, you’ll likely face these two issues.

Poor Treatment

If a chiropractor inaccurately assesses your situation because they have poor intentions or just are neglectful, you may never get the proper treatment. It’s possible that later down the road new issues arise and they will not be covered by medical insurance.

A Dismissed Claim

Because these cases are serious they often lead to court. This means your chiropractor likely will have to give a deposition while the opposing lawyer tries to poke holes in any claims. They also may find small typographical errors that can end up in big issues for you. This is why someone who is neglectful to detail is not a good fit.

History of Relationship

If you have a chiropractor before the personal injury case came up this can be beneficial to you in many ways. The most important is that they know your body and your medical history well. Your relationship is already established and you know that you can trust them to do a good job.

It can also offer these benefits.

  • You may already be familiar with other medical professionals they work with.
  • You can verify their experience with personal injury more easily.
  • They are more likely to be willing to continually work on your behalf with the lawyer for deposition prep.

Their Resume

Where most people become skeptical of the chiropractor-patient relationship and their work is that the work seemingly never ends. In most cases, a professional will want your referral of business to other clients so you don’t necessarily have to worry about manipulation and wrongdoings. However, it is not unheard of which is why it’s important to know not just your chiropractor’s relationship with you but with others as well.

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