The Legalese of Personal Injury and How Chiropractic Helps

Being injured due to neglect or reckless behavior is scary for anyone. The last thing someone may want to do is see a chiropractor. This is especially true if they haven’t worked with one before. You may be surprised when your lawyer asks you to immediately see a recommended chiropractor. This is because the two usually work hand in hand on the legalese of the incident.

A professional chiropractor can help in many ways such as assessing the injury and providing an appropriate treatment plan. This is to help the client live as close to a pain-free life as possible. They report back to the lawyer so they can start working on the legal matter.

This is what you can expect with this process.

The Diagnosis

When getting into an accident you may feel fine right away. But a lawyer knows that in order for you to get the proper compensation from the other party a good evaluation and assessment needs to be done. A chiropractor will be able to make a better diagnosis than a self-check because often in personal injuries symptoms can take days and weeks to present themselves.

Help Strengthen the Insurance Claim

Going to a chiropractor right away help insurance see that you are serious about the injury and need immediate help. This is why a lawyer may send you immediately so that the chiropractor can document current injuries and future presenting symptoms.

This strengthens a claim because it leaves little to no room for other incidents to occur between the accident and the evaluation that could weaken the claim.

Determining Level of Trauma

From this, they can determine whether this is a mild trauma personal injury or a major personal trauma injury. This is a part of the documentation process as the original symptoms may introduce new injuries down the road. The chiropractor will work with your medical history to make these decisions and adjust.

The Plan

Once the initial visit is done the chiropractor can put the plan into action with your lawyer and your insurance. Those who have experienced a personal injury that works with a lawyer and chiropractor have received up to three times more in the settlement.
Here are the steps that will take place after

  • Treatment will begin with the chiropractor.
  • The chiropractor will provide the documentation to the lawyer for the claim.
  • Your chiropractor will work directly with insurance to make things easier for you.
  • This is good so that you don’t get tricked into signing an agreement with the opposing insurance company preventing you from taking any further legal action.
  • They may recommend working with other professional services to treat other injuries that may not be able to be treated with chiropractic work.

Dynamic Duo

In order to ensure you don’t suffer from pain long-term and are properly compensated and taken care of, you should be working with both a personal injury lawyer and a chiropractor. They will work together to make a stressful situation and process as easy as possible so that you as the client can focus on your own health.