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The Health Benefits of a Good Stretch

Everybody knows the importance of stretching at the beginning of a workout and that after a long car ride, stretching your arms and legs feels good.  Stretching your muscles and joints throughout the day and night has many surprising health benefits for your body and mind. A good stretch can make all the difference in …

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What To Look For in a Chiropractor

Choosing the right chiropractor isn’t an easy decision.  Where do you begin? When choosing a chiropractor, you should be taking into consideration the same kinds of factors you did when choosing your primary care provider and deserves the same kind of scrutiny.  After all, your chiropractor is part of the team of people working with …

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Repetitive Motion Injuries

Although repetitive motion injuries account for 50% of athletic-related injuries, they can happen to anyone.  They can happen to factory workers, carpenters, or office workers who spend hours typing on their computer keyboard, or even to you when you rake the leaves from your lawn or work in your garden.  Anytime you perform a task …

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