Why Visit a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

If you have been in an accident you have been through a traumatic experience.  You may still be in shock or may be dealing with the stressful aftermath.  In the hustle and bustle of insurance claims and auto repairs you might be tempted to put off medical treatment, especially if the injuries aren’t obvious.

When you are in an accident your adrenaline will spike because your body is preparing to respond to the danger.  This spike in adrenaline can actually have a numbing effect on pain.  You may notice hours or days down the road that you are experiencing pain and you may not automatically associate it with the accident. Many people are still experiencing pain more than a month after an accident.

Visiting our office can help to treat the injuries you may not yet be aware of after an accident.  Chiropractors provide natural treatment to relieve common auto injuries. Joints can be gently restored to optimal mobility. The nervous and musculoskeletal systems can be gently manipulated to provide relief without the negative side effects that medication and surgery often have.

Chiropractic treatment is often needed for whiplash in car crashes, even low speed collisions can leave you in long term pain.  Whiplash can cause chronic issues including headaches, neck and upper back pain, numbness, and shoulder pain.

An accident can cause damage to the back in several ways.  Back pain resulting from an accident can be debilitating.  The bones of the spinal column can be damaged, as well as the ligaments, nerves, muscles, and even the spinal cord can suffer from a car accident.

Some individuals begin to suffer from chronic headaches, even if headaches hadn’t been a problem in the past.

You will have the highest chance of improvement if you make an appointment with your Chiropractor early on.  You will also give yourself the best chance of receiving the medical care you need through insurance by documenting the damage quickly.  Our office is very familiar with not only auto injuries but the insurance issues that can go along with an accident of this type.