Exercise and Chiropractic Care

Having trouble sticking to your New Year’s resolution of being healthier or hitting the gym?  Visit our office for some support to keep going!  Making exercise a regular part of your day will have positive impacts on both your mental and physical health. Visiting your chiropractor before you work out has a variety of benefits, from proper alignment to relaxed muscles and increased range of motion.  Be sure to include us in your plans for 2018!

Including exercise in your daily routine is an excellent resolution because of all the positive results.  Weight loss is a great benefit, as well as increased energy levels, and stronger bones and muscles!

Exercise can have some great mental benefits as well.  Working out can actually make you feel happier.  Your body can produce an increased amount of endorphins while exercising, endorphins reduce your perception of pain and help to make you feel better.  Exercise also reduces anxiety and can help to reduce stress.

Having an adjustment before you exercise can help to avoid injury because it can help to relax your muscles.  Being properly aligned allows your body to perform at peak capacity and can reduce pressure on your central nervous system, promoting overall health.  You will work most efficiently when there is optimal communication between your body and central nervous system.

Regular chiropractic care can improve your range of motion as well.  Joints are allowed to move more freely when the spine is properly aligned.   This also helps to reduce pain and stiffness.  As your care progresses you will probably notice an increase in flexibility.

If you are experiencing pain already, working out may aggravate the issues.  Have a chiropractor assess any painful areas before you begin working out to maintain proper joint motion and help to provide the greatest flexibility.  Putting pressure on a fatigued or misaligned area is asking for an injury.  Well supported muscles and joints will help to keep you healthy and injury free!

Our office can suggest specific exercises or stretches to help strengthen/relax problem areas so you can be working toward a healthy and balanced body at the gym.