Why Regular Chiropractic Care is Important

There are three distinct stages in chiropractic care:  Relief, Corrective, and Maintenance

The relief stage focuses on alleviation of your pain and symptoms caused by whatever accident you suffered including work, sports, or auto accident.  Our job is decrease any type of inflammation and restore joint function through chiropractic adjustments of your spine.  We may apply cold or hot therapy to help with this stage of care.  The relief care may only be temporary if the underlying issue of your pain is not addressed appropriately.  There are many case where trauma to soft tissues in your body require healing and strengthening.  Tight muscles and faulty muscle patterns may provide weak strength and this also needs to be addressed for the best results.  These issues are often because of micro-trauma, repetitive use, or poor posture.

The corrective stage addresses faulty muscle patterns and trauma as described above.  We consider the integrity and condition of your spinal column, your physical condition and age, the severity of your injury, and duration of the problem before we decide on how long the treatment could take.  There may be exercises recommended as well as soft tissue therapies that come in addition to the spinal adjustments we provide.

The final care provided is the maintenance stage to ensure the integrity of your spine and that it is supported appropriately.  Strain on our bodies come due to daily activities so as humans we need to continue to monitor ourselves especially the condition and health of our spine.  So expect regular check-ups that may include chiropractic adjustments, possible therapy, to help make sure your spine is in optimal condition.

You will benefit from the maintenance stage because misalignments in your spine can be found before they become an issue.  Regular chiropractic care will help with posture improvement, enhanced function, and better sports performance.  It will also help your well-being and reduce injuries which will help create a pain-free and happier life.

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