Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care––How it Can Help


Pregnancy is a cause for celebration. Back pain, however, is not. The body changes dramatically in those 9 months and each month brings its own struggles. Seeing a chiropractor regularly during this time can help alleviate the stresses that pregnancy puts on the body.

 The Benefits of Chiropractic Care While Pregnant

 The body has to make room for the growing fetus while pregnant. Your bones and organs shift in order to accomplish this. These changes come with added pains and aches that make an already uncomfortable mother even more uncomfortable. A chiropractor can help. Women commonly suffer from back pain, pelvic pain, and sciatica while pregnant. Chiropractors see these cases regularly and can help alleviate these symptoms.

How A Chiropractor Can Alleviate Pain in Pregnant Women 

  •   Pregnant women suffer from lower back pain throughout their pregnancy, but especially in the last trimester. Going in for regular appointments with your chiropractor helps mitigate this pain and helps you get more familiar with your body going into labor. The vertebrae in your spine become misaligned during pregnancy and cause pain. A chiropractor helps to realign the vertebrae, which will reduce your back pain.
  •   Pelvic pain is also something chiropractors can help with. Due to hormonal fluctuations, the joints that connect your spine to your pelvis relax. This shifts the stress from those joints to the muscles and ligaments around your pelvis. These muscles and ligaments aren’t used to this strain and cause a pregnant woman hip pain. Chiropractors help with hip pain through routine adjustments.
  •   Along with alleviating pelvic pain, chiropractors also keep your pelvis aligned to accommodate your growing baby. You want to keep those muscles and ligaments strong as the uterus grows.
  •   When your spine and pelvis are misaligned, balance can become problematic. During pregnancy, your center of gravity is shifting and increases your risk of falling. Don’t let that be you. Chiropractors help realign the spine and pelvis to function properly.
  •   If you suffer from recurring pain or headaches, but can’t currently take your medications due to pregnancy, chiropractic care can help. Multiple therapy options can help reduce your pain without the use of medication.
  •   Regular chiropractic care has patients reporting less stress and nausea during their pregnancy. A chiropractor helps ensure that your nerves, hormones, and organs are functioning properly, which helps reduce stress and nausea.
  •   Lastly, chiropractic treatment has been linked to better and faster labor. A misaligned pelvis can cause the newborn to breach or force a C-section. Regular chiropractic care helps keep your pelvis aligned to ensure that the baby comes out headfirst.

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