How to Enjoy the End of your Summer Without Back Pain


By the end of summer, many Americans are experiencing back pain. We typically spend more time outdoors during summer and do more activities that can strain our backs. What causes this back pain is often avoidable. Here are some simple tips to remember while you close out your summer.

Take it Easy While Gardening or Doing Yard Work

 Many of us do some sort of physical labor for our yards during the summer. You could be doing many things outside such as weeding, mowing, raking leaves, or tending your garden. All of these are great activities to do if done properly. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints in your back might not be up to the task if you’re not careful. Your back can be strained when you lift heavy items (bags of mulch or gravel) or when you stay crouched in the same position for an extended period of time (planting or weeding).

Here’s how to avoid common back pain problems while working outside:

  •       Get help when lifting heavy things. Either ask someone for help or use a wheelbarrow to make things easier.
  •       When lifting, or digging for that matter, don’t twist your body.
  •       Take breaks! It’s easy to get focused on a project and lose your sense of time. When this happens, you forget to drink water (very important) and you don’t rest your back. While on break, be sure to stretch.
  •       A very common way to hurt your back is when mowing. That’s because people use their lower backs to push. Use your arm and leg muscles instead.
  •       If you like gardening, consider raised beds. These help in reducing how far you need to bend over while watering and weeding.

Outdoor Sports and Activities

Whether you’re a spectator or playing, you need to be aware of the strain on your back. If your form or posture is bad, sports like tennis and golf can strain your back unnecessarily. Getting outside and being active is a good thing, however. Here are some ways to help keep you from straining your back while enjoying sports.

  •       Whatever sport you play, try to do it in the least strenuous way possible. Get professional help to work on your form or look up instructional videos online to get pointers. It will help both your game and your back.
  •       Reduce the time spent sitting in the same position. If you’re biking, take a stretch break. If you’re a spectator at a sporting event, get up and walk around. Just as you should move around after sitting at a desk while working, you also need to avoid long periods of sitting while enjoying sports.
  •       If you like hiking, be sure to wear proper footwear. How you walk affects your posture, which in turn, affects your back. Be sure you have the right shoes for your feet. Also, consider a walking stick to help your balance and avoid falling.

Seeing a Chiropractor Can Help You Avoid Summer Back Pain

If you do suffer from back pain, you don’t need to. Regular chiropractic treatments can keep your back pain free as you go about your summer activities. If you’re an athlete, consider seeing a chiropractor to help stay injury-free. The experts at North County Pain Relief can help. Located in the Hazelwood and Florissant, Missouri area, North County Pain Relief has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can set you up with a same-day appointment. Call today to schedule an appointment for an examination. Take that first step to recovery and call (314) 731-4201.