Personal Injuries: Communicating with Your Lawyer

Ouch! Personal injuries no matter the cause almost always hurt physically, but the emotional toll of seeking justice for the injury in question can often be more damaging. Personal injuries can happen anywhere due to unsafe conditions or hazardous actions by others, and in these cases, you are usually legally entitled to compensation. There are a few steps to resolving a personal injury case, but the first and most important of these is seeking treatment from your primary medical provider or chiropractor if the injury is not life threatening.

What Should You Do After Sustaining an Injury?

Always seek treatment first for any pain you are experiencing even if it is a few days or weeks after the incident happened, if you are unsure where to find treatment, contact your lawyer or primary health care provider who can help you schedule an appointment with a trusted chiropractor. Many personal injuries are the result of a slip or fall which can be very hazardous if left untreated. Common slip and fall hazards include injuries to the lower back, shoulder, and neck which can cause chronic pain and loss of range of motion when they are not treated properly by a medical professional.

After you seek treatment for your injury, contact your lawyer to understand your options. If you do not have a lawyer already, ask your chiropractor as they likely know lawyers who are experienced in personal injury claims. Your lawyer will likely wish to see records of your treatment or even speak with your healthcare provider to understand the nature of your injury and details of the care that was provided. Chiropractors are very familiar with treating personal injuries and communicating with lawyers, so do not be afraid to ask your specialist to speak with your lawyer about your case.

Legal Advice

While chiropractors may not give you in-depth legal advice, they should be happy to speak to your lawyer and even appear in court on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. If your chiropractor seems hesitant to do either of these things, they may not be a good fit for you. The good news is, there are many responsible and patient-focused chiropractic clinics with years of experience that are ready to take your case, including North County Pain Relief!

As your chiropractor and lawyer communicate, they will likely be able to establish the cause of your injury, who is liable, and how severe your injury was. This is vital information for building the case and ensuring you are represented responsibly. Having a chiropractor who will communicate with your lawyer is a great plus for any personal injury claim as it allows you to appear more credible in court with an expert’s opinion, and it ensures your lawyer understands your injury thoroughly to provide you with the best representation possible.

Communicating Freely

Communication is key in everything, especially when your chiropractor and lawyer are working together to help you navigate the world of personal injury law. It can be confusing but having these two experts on your side will make it possible to make it through the process with as little stress and pain as possible. If you need a chiropractic consultation for your personal injury, please contact North County Pain Relief for a free consultation and more information!