How Yoga and Chiropractic Care Work Together

Chiropractic care and yoga have a lot in common.  They both help improve range of motion and balance, improve joint function, and even reduce stress.  You could say that chiropractic care and yoga are two peas in a pod. A pair of matching bookends. Two nuts off the same tree.  The point is, chiropractic treatments and yoga work the body in ways that improve the way it moves and help you achieve better whole health.  

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments repair misalignments, improve joint function and range of motion and improve the function of the nervous system.  Using targeted manipulations, a chiropractor can decrease pain associated with degeneration, injuries, and some diseases and disorders as well as get your central nervous system working as it should.  When the nervous system is functioning properly, your immune system is better equipped to fight off illnesses. It’s a non-invasive, drug-free treatment that improves your overall wellbeing.


Yoga is a series of poses that stretch and work all of the joints and muscles in the body.  It’s an all-over workout. Where some exercises work to target specific muscles, yoga targets them all, stretching and strengthening them to increase flexibility and range of motion and it improves balance and joint function as well.  By stretching your muscles, yoga helps to relax the body and mind and reduce stress. Because yoga helps to strengthen your muscles and improve balance, it can prevent future injuries.

Yoga can be relaxing as well as strenuous and can be done by people in the peak of good health or out-of-shape beginners.  If needed, blocks or straps can be used to modify the movements for those who may not be flexible to do the poses at first.  Yoga is all about striving to do a little better, stretch a little further. You don’t compete against others in yoga, you only compete with yourself.  With each yoga session, you’ll likely find that you’ll be able to stretch a little further than the last. Yoga helps you learn more about your body―what you can do and how to improve on that.     

Yoga helps you remain active as you age.  As you get older, you may feel like your body is slowing down and you just can’t do the things you used to be able to do.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Like chiropractic care, regular yoga sessions help your body to retain flexibility and keep you active.

How They Work Together 

By consistently doing yoga in between chiropractic adjustments, your body is not only better able to receive deep treatments but it can maintain the progress you made during your chiropractic treatments.  Relieving stress through yoga can help with back, shoulder, and neck pain because those areas tighten up when we’re stressed.  

As with any exercise regimen, before you begin yoga, you should check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you to do.  Generally, yoga is safe to do, even if you have back pain. You may have to do some modifications but if you keep up with yoga and your chiropractic sessions, you’ll see improvement in your flexibility and the strength of your core and pain relief too.  If you’re suffering from pain, your chiropractor may be able to recommend specific muscles or areas to focus on with yoga. 

At North County Pain Relief, we believe in the overall wellbeing of all of our clients and offer a holistic approach to health. Yoga is a great way to improve core strength and mobility hand-in-hand with your chiropractic treatments.  If you’re from the St. Louis area, call North County Pain Relief today at (314) 731-4201 to schedule a free initial consultation. We’re here to help improve your health.