Get Rid of Headaches

For the last couple of decades, chiropractic care has become increasingly popular.  The American Chiropractic Association states the following:

  • More than 30 million people see chiropractors annually
  • Chiropractors are one of the largest groups of primary care doctors in America

Even with these substantial numbers and facts, individuals still question whether chiropractic care is truly essential.  You may question whether seeing a St. Louis Chiropractor will help you with certain back pain and neck pain you’re experiencing.  One of the most common causes to see a Chiropractor is headaches.

Headaches are frequent with nearly nine out of ten people reporting occasional headaches.  Headaches occur for various reasons and their causes are just as many, but these head pains can result in nausea and dizziness depending on severity.

Our first step as a St. Louis Chiropractor is to treat the headache pain determined on the cause.  Headaches can result from sinus infection or even environmental stimuli.  Individuals can also get headaches from excessive exercise, insomnia, or blood sugar.

Nearly 95% of headaches are caused by issues like migraines or tension.  These primary headaches are commonly caused by sedentary lifestyles which invoke muscle tension in the neck.  People stay locked in front of their tablets or computers for hours at a time, usually staying in one position.

A chiropractor helps individuals who suffer from headaches by combining spinal manipulation and chiropractic advice.  The doctor can offer insights on ergonomics, positioning, nutrition, and relaxation which can be very helpful in reducing the number and severity of headaches.

Dr. Adam Elsey is a chiropractor in Hazelwood and Florissant, Missouri, and can provide you relief from your headaches.  He is experienced with treating many types of injury and head pain. Why suffer any longer? You can experience the benefits of chiropractic care today! Call Dr. Elsey at (314) 731-4201