Five Most Common Car Accident Injuries

Dr. Adam Elsey will treat various types of injuries and conditions, but it’s very common for him to see patients after they’ve experienced a car accident.  Injuries and conditions may develop after a car accident so make sure you visit with a physician or chiropractor.

Here are the Five Most Common Car Accident Injuries we see at North County Pain Relief Center:


1.  Back Pain

Several of our patient will suffer from back pain following a car accident.  If a patient starts to feel any sort of back pain following a car wreck, there’s  a chance it could be a herniated disc.  You may feel some form of pain, weakness and/or numbness in the back, legs, and arms.


2.  Tingling Sensation

Are you suffering from tingling in your legs or arms?  You could possibly have sustained a cervical spine or nerve injury from whiplash.  This is a very common symptom that our office treats and we will do so with great care.

3.  Headaches & Migraines

Another common symptom from a car accidents are headaches and they are typically caused by a trauma leaving a head injury.  If you are currently experiencing occasional or frequent headaches, you need to be evaluated because you may have sustained a head injury from the accident.

4.  Neck Pain

Frequently after a car accident, you may suffer from neck pain due to the impact of the collision.  You need to receive an evaluation immediately after your car accident if you are suffering from any form of neck pain.  You could be experiencing damage in your soft tissues or a severe nerve injury, spinal injury, or fracture.

5.  Numbness

If your arms or legs are currently feeling numb, you could have a nerve that is pinched which happens frequently in a car accident.

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