Chiropractic Adjustments: What Does The Research Say?

Chiropractic is the largest natural healthcare profession in the United States. Many people each year seek chiropractic care for their health care needs. Some of the more common symptoms include: low back pain, headaches, neck pain, whiplash or sports injury.

The primary treatment of chiropractors is an adjustment, also called a spinal manipulation. Many studies have demonstrated beneficial responses to the chiropractic adjustment.

The Scientific Commission of the CCGPP states:

  • For subacute and acute low back pain, spinal adjustments have demonstrated a reduction in the symptoms and increase functioning.
  • For chronic back pain, adjustments have strong evidence of improved functioning.
  • There is good evidence to support a combination of exercise and adjustments reduces the frequency of reoccurring back pain.
  • There is evidence that demonstrates adjustments can help leg pain or numbness such as sciatica or radiculopathy.

Further recommendations for treating low back pain with adjustments comes from The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR). They give the following guidelines:

  • Seek chiropractic adjustments within the first four weeks of your pain.
  • Adjustments can be used in conjunction with or without non-prescription pain medicine.
  • Mild exercise is also encouraged, followed by more conditioning exercises after about two weeks of care.

It is also encouraged by the AHCPR to resume a normal lifestyle as soon as possible. Also, more than four days of bed rest can delay your recovery.

In other guidelines, the United Kingdom’s Clinical Standards Advisory Group encourages a non-surgical approach, which can include chiropractic adjustments.

Finally,  in studies published by the RAND Corporation,  members of the medical profession stated that spinal adjustments are appropriate for symptoms of back pain.

In short, the research has demonstrated what chiropractors have known and experienced for years: spinal adjustments work!

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