Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment During Summertime

Summer is upon us which means a lot of traveling, summertime sports, and relaxation. It is a time when we stray from our normal routines to enjoy life a little bit more by spending more time with loved ones and making memories. Although these times can be exciting, it can also be a time that makes it more difficult to feel healthy simply because we do not want to miss out on anything fun. Fortunately, you can maintain your health and happiness by making sure that chiropractic care is a part of your summer wellness routine. The following are four amazing benefits to help you stay on top of your chiropractic care this summer.

Easing Travel

Whether it is by land, water, or air, everyone enjoys traveling. You can travel far, or you can stay close to home. Whatever you choose, traveling is good for the soul, but it can also be hard on our bodies. Sitting in a car or in an airplane seat with little room to spare while traveling for long durations can result in back pain, a stiff neck, and overall soreness of your whole body. Scheduling chiropractic treatments both before and after your planned trips can help make traveling more comfortable and allow you to get the most out of your vacation.

Getting Active

With the warm weather and bright sunshine summoning us to be outside, we will find ourselves spending more time in outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, biking, and so much more. However, with that comes the high chance of experiencing neck and back pain. Chiropractic treatments can help relieve tension and pressure through gentle and targeted spinal alignments. This will help relieve pain that is the result of overactivity as well as prevent injury and improve overall mobility so you can stay safe while being active.

Staying Relaxed

One of the greatest perks of summertime is the chance to engage in many relaxation opportunities. Although everyone deserves this type of self-care, an increase in lounging around can result in misalignment. This can then cause pain and discomfort that makes relaxation time not so relaxing. By making regularly scheduled chiropractic appointments, you can help reduce joint restrictions, increase blood flow, and relieve stiffness and pain in your back, neck, and joints that are caused from inactivity and breaks from routine.

Supporting Overall Healthiness

There isn’t a time of year that is better for your health than another. Your health is vital all year round. Therefore, it is important to remain healthy and feel good about yourself so you can partake in all the fun summer activities. It is never fun being sick during summer and having it ruin your travel plans or have you feeling under the weather while everyone else is enjoying the summertime sunshine and activities.

Fortunately, there are summer-specific benefits to regular chiropractic care to think about.

  1. Spinal alignments can help improve the immune system, which can aid in preventative wellness measures.
  2. Losing weight has been linked to chiropractic care. This thought comes from the digestive system’s benefits of spinal alignment and healthy posture. This reduces inflammation and bloating overall. When nerve system communication increases through spinal alignments, your metabolism can speed up and you are able to help control your hunger.
  3. Along with spinal alignments, acupuncture treatments are believed to be helpful when it comes to regulating your weight by impacting weight-influence hormones including ghrelin and leptin.
  4. Regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments help support posture, which then increases confidence.

Summertime should be joyous for everyone. No one should worry about back and neck pain taking over their summer plans. One great way of staying healthy and keeping your body safe is by scheduling regular chiropractic appointments. The staff at North County Pain Relief have years of experience and take pride in helping others feel better. Call us today at (314) 731-4201 to make an appointment and see how we can help you!