Back Pain – Prevention

Back pain is a widespread issue.  It is estimated that four out of five people will experience back pain sometime during their lifetime.  About half of those people will suffer the pain in their lower back.  Many things can contribute to back pain, poor posture, “text neck”, a work injury or hours in the same position at work without a break.

Back pain can become chronic if left untreated.  Restoring alignment to the spine will increase mobility, allow the body to heal itself, and let signals travel unimpeded from the brain to the rest of the body.  If your body is out of alignment and left that way it will continue to function, but it will take a toll.  Because your body will work around the problem area by putting extra stress on the surrounding areas you will prematurely wear out the surrounding areas.

Taking pain killers will not treat back pain, you need to solve the root of the problem. The longer you let the issue go untreated the more lengthy the recovery process will be. Dr. Elsey can help you recover from injuries to your back and reduce or eliminate your back pain, but taking some preventative measures may help you avoid the issue in the first place.

Exercise should be part of your life.  You do not have to spend hours in the gym to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and help prevent injuries to your spine.  Keeping your core strong helps to keep stress off your spine.  By working your abdominal muscles and the muscles in your back you can keep your spine protected and distribute the weight supported by your core evenly.  Gently stretching your muscles regularly will help you maintain a full range of motion.

Exercise and a healthy weight go hand in hand, walking regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight and can help relax you. Excess weight puts stress on your entire body, especially your joints.  Gaining weight in your stomach can pull on your core and stress your lower back.  If you are having a hard time losing weight Dr. Elsey can help with weight loss.  Call our office to find out more.

Getting enough sleep is a factor in your overall health, as well as your spinal health. Having the right amount of rest allows your body to heal itself and gives your spine time to decompress.  Drinking enough water also helps to keep your back healthy. The discs that provide cushion between the bones of your spine are primarily made of water.  Staying hydrated contributes to keeping your discs healthy.

You can utilize your Chiropractor as a preventative measure.  Having regular adjustments will keep your spine healthier.  Your spine is involved in almost every movement and since it supports a great amount of pressure, small misalignments or injuries can have amplified results.  Your Chiropractor can help to address minor issues before they develop long term consequences.

Visiting your Chiropractor is a great way to keep your spine and entire body in tip top form.  Dr. Elsey can provide support for weight loss, can help you adjust your posture, and align your body to help you live the healthiest and most comfortable life possible.