Monthly Archives: November 2021

Chilling Out: Common Winter Injuries and how to Avoid Them

Humans aren’t like polar bears, penguins, or any other winter-climate animal, we don’t have thick fur or cool sliding moves for the icy tundra, so there is plenty of room for mishaps to occur when winter rolls around. Oftentimes injuries result from slips and falls in the early morning or late evening when it is …

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Warm Up those Cold Bones: Home Workouts for Winter

It’s hard to stay fit when it’s frosty outside especially if your joints and muscles don’t have a friendly relationship with the cold. Sometimes, even for those experienced with moving about in cold weather, the fierceness of midwinter can drive all reasonable living beings indoors except for the most necessary things such as traveling to …

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Own Your Movement

There is nothing more joyful than moving freely as your body is meant to. The human body is an incredible machine with a wide range of motion and a striking ability to conform to almost any situation; however, sometimes this ability is limited. This can be due to a wide range of factors such as …

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