Monthly Archives: July 2020

Healthy Foods to Feed Your Spine

  Everyone knows the importance of eating healthy, whole foods to improve your overall physical and mental health.  But did you know there are specific foods you can eat than can target your spine, giving it the foods it needs to be healthy and strong? Salmon  Salmon has a lot of Omega-3 that helps fight …

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When Do Most Auto Fatal Accidents Occur?

  During the winter, much of the country’s drivers are forced to contend with winter storms, snow, fog, and ice.  Add to that the fact that days get shorter and visibility gets poorer and it’s probably safe to assume that most fatal accidents occur during the winter months.  Think again.     Time of Day Matters Not …

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Causes of Back Pain in Women

  As anyone who’s experienced back pain knows, the pain can be severe, it can be chronic, and can greatly reduce your quality of life.  Back pain can vary in its severity and can have lots of causes like injury, degeneration, and muscle strain.  For women, back pain is not only caused by the same …

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