When Do Most Auto Fatal Accidents Occur?


During the winter, much of the country’s drivers are forced to contend with winter storms, snow, fog, and ice.  Add to that the fact that days get shorter and visibility gets poorer and it’s probably safe to assume that most fatal accidents occur during the winter months.  Think again.    

Time of Day Matters

Not surprisingly, the time of day that most automobile accidents occur is during rush hour.  People are tired from a long day at work and they’re rushing to get home.  However, if you look at the percentage of fatal accidents during that time, it’s less than it is at 4 a.m. when there are fewer people on the road but more that are likely to be impaired by alcohol or drugs or those who simply fall asleep at the wheel because it’s so late.  

Most Accidents Happen on This Day

Also not surprising is the day of the week that most accidents occur:  Saturday.  It is not only the day that most accidents occur but also the day that has the highest number of fatal accidents when compared to the number of cars on the road.  

Time of Year

Instead of snowy winter, August is the most dangerous month of the year to drive in.  Teen drivers are out of school for the summer, there are more breakdowns, and construction is often ramped up in the summer months.  During winter storms, fewer people are out on the roads because many people opt to stay inside instead take the risk of driving in harsh weather, and those that do, take precautions like driving slower and having snow tires installed.  During the summer, everyone’s out enjoying themselves.  

Auto Accident Injuries

Most auto accidents happen at slower speeds and fortunately, most aren’t fatal.  The most common injuries from automobile accidents are soft tissue injuries including whiplash, trauma to the limbs, back, neck, and shoulder injuries, and injuries to joints and tendons.  Most of the injuries associated with auto accidents can be treated with chiropractic care.  With targeted spinal and musculoskeletal manipulations, you can regain range of motion, reduce or eliminate pain, and achieve recovery.  

No matter what the time, day, or month of the year, anytime you get behind the wheel is a risk.  Whether it’s poor road conditions, distracted drivers, or something unexpected like a deer running in front of your car, accidents can happen at any time. 

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, North County Pain Relief can help.  Our staff will not only diagnose and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for your injuries but they can also help you navigate the confusing pile of insurance claim paperwork.  And if you need a ride because your automobile is in the shop, we can help with that too!

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