What is Moist Heat Therapy?

Physical therapy is often necessary for people going through the rehabilitative process. It can help you regain range of motion, relax your muscles, and soothe joint pain. It is referred to as both thermal therapy and superficial heat. If you’re undergoing physical therapy, your therapist may suggest using moist heat during your session. Learn more about it here!

What to Expect When Receiving Moist Heat Therapy

If you’re preparing for your first moist heat therapy session, it’s important to know what to expect. Moist heat therapy is administered by qualified physical therapists. While it seems like something you can do on your own, it is important to let a professional do it for you.

During your physical therapy session, moist heat therapy is administered by applying a hot pack on a tight or painful area. It remains there for about 15 minutes. The length of time that it stays there is largely dependent upon how tolerant you are to heat, as well as how long the therapist deems it should stay there.

– What Are Moist Heat Packs?

Moist heat packs are made out of bentonite and covered in canvas. They’re stored in hot water averaging around 160 degrees, and then placed in towels or wraps before being placed on the body. This is to prevent burns and prevent rapid cooling.

– A Relaxing Form of Therapy

Many people find that moist heat therapy is the most relaxing form of physical therapy. It’s comparable to massages in terms of its “feel good factor.” Most of the time, it’s used to start a physical therapy session to relax and loosen the muscles being targeted.

How Moist Heat Therapy Does the Body Good

Keep reading to find out how moist therapy works, and the different benefits that patients can get from it.

– Moist Heat Controls Pain

It is theorized by some professionals that moist heat packs help block the transmission of pain signals. It may also help reduce pain by relaxing painful muscle spasms. It’s important to note that moist heat packs are only utilized for chronic neck and back pain. Acute injuries may only increase in pain and swelling if moist heat packs are applied.

– Moist Heat Speeds Healing

When moist heat packs are placed on tight muscles on the back or neck, circulation will increase. Circulation increases the blood flow in the area, bringing with it nutrients and oxygen. It also removes the waste products associated with the healing process (old tissue, old blood, etc.).

– Moist Heat Increases Flexibility

Moist heat relaxes muscles and soft tissues in the affected area. As muscles relax, the back and neck become more flexible. Often, the physical therapist will help promote flexibility through the application of moist heat, which increases overall joint flexibility and range of motion.

Consider Moist Heat Therapy

If you have a tight neck or back, consider stopping by North County Pain Relief for moist heat therapy. It can help you loosen things up, as well as get on the road to recovery faster. Stop by or give us a call today!