Types of Back Pain

Back pain is a widespread issue.  People suffer from a variety of pain and often try to “wait it out” or just bury the issue with painkillers.  Neither of these actually solves the problem, and they can both make the problem worse.  Your body is complex and connected; damage, tightness or misalignment in one area will often have consequences in other areas.  If your spine is misaligned it will wear down more quickly; if you have back pain don’t ignore the issue.

Aches in your back can develop from a variety of things.  Poor posture while sitting, standing or sleeping can cause aches and pain, and if uncorrected, can cause serious health problems down the road.  Injuries can occur at almost any time, during activities like sports or construction, or at work, these are generally known as sudden injuries.

There are three broad categories of back injuries, especially work related injuries. Sudden injuries, wear and tear injuries, and injuries caused by misuse.  Sudden injuries are also called acute injuries.  The pain from a sudden injury is typically moderate to severe, though the pain usually won’t last more than two months.  The area around the injury may be swollen or tender, and you may see some bruising.

Sudden injuries can happen almost anywhere.  You may sprain or strain a ligament or muscle. A strain occurs when the tendons or muscles stretch too far or are torn.  A tear can occur in three areas, the muscle itself my tear or the place where the muscle and tendon connect may tear.  The tendon may also tear, either partially or completely.  It is called a rupture if the tendon tears completely.  A sprain occurs when the ligaments that anchor the bone on each side of a joint stretch or tear. Ligaments stabilize the joint and make sure that the joint only moves in a specific direction.

Wear and tear injuries happen over time.  Damage can be done in a variety of ways, including standing or sitting with poor posture, sleeping without support or walking or moving the wrong way.  The damage and resulting pain will linger until you take steps to correct the issues and get the body back into alignment.  Ignoring this kind of pain will make the problem worse.  You may eventually get to a point where getting out of bed is almost unbearable.  Your spine will wear down more quickly if it is out of alignment and you can cause lifelong damage.  Chiropractic care, the earlier the better, will treat the root of the problem, accelerate healing and reduce or eliminate the pain.

Injuries from misuse are similar to wear and tear injuries.  There isn’t one specific moment that the injury occurred; days, weeks, even months or years of bad habits can result in injuries to the back.  You might not feel the pain immediately, but it will surface eventually.  Symptoms like stiffness or acute pain can indicate this type of injury.  You may suffer from a loss of mobility, it may be difficult to turn certain directions and you may experience spasms.

Take steps to reduce misuse injuries by adjusting your lifestyle.  If you aren’t sure what could be causing your pain call our office.  We can meet with you help you determine what may be causing pain.  Dr. Elsey can help you to correct posture or provide exercises to help strengthen weak areas of your body that may be contributing to misalignment and discomfort.

Chiropractic care is an excellent way to restore alignment and healing to your body. It is natural and doesn’t have side effects.  Restoring your body’s natural alignment will promote healing and help correct the root of the problem.  Call our office and take the first step toward correcting the problems causing you pain.