The Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor for Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia hurts. A condition affecting the nervous system, fibromyalgia causes widespread pain among other symptoms that reduce the quality of life. The good news is that if you or a loved one suffer from fibromyalgia pain, there are treatment and symptom management options. Seeing a chiropractor may be a good option to help reduce the painful symptoms of fibromyalgia!


Disorders of the nervous system can be difficult for sufferers and their families to manage due to the lack of obvious causes of pain. Fibromyalgia has many different potential causes ranging from everything to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and physical trauma to a slow buildup of painful symptoms that seemingly come from nowhere. Because of this vast array of causes and sometimes elusive symptoms, fibromyalgia is treated differently than other conditions as doctors rely on the patient’s qualification of their pain because there is no measurable trauma, unlike most conditions.

Fibromyalgia can manifest itself in many ways that vary from person to person. According to the Mayo Clinic, common symptoms of fibromyalgia include widespread pain, fatigue, and a cognitive issue known as “fibro fog” which can greatly reduce one’s cognitive speed and reasoning skills. This is one of the most difficult symptoms of fibromyalgia, as it creates difficulties in performing neurological tasks that may be associated with one’s job or family life.

Even though fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, it is not a progressive disease, so your internal organs, muscles, joints, and bones will not be damaged by the condition. This makes fibromyalgia possible to treat without the fear of deterioration in the body.

Treatment Options

Thankfully, there are treatments for fibromyalgia, and there are plenty of options so that sufferers can find what works best for their needs. Medication is a popular choice, but many people wish to limit their intake of medications, and this is where chiropractic treatments can be helpful. It is a good idea to speak with your chiropractor or regular doctor to see if this would be a beneficial option for you.

Chiropractors can assist you in more ways than one with fibromyalgia pain- they can help you to create stress management and exercise plans as a preventative measure, and they can also relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia by manipulating your soft tissues which may create a calming and relaxant effect for your muscles. Contacting an expert chiropractor may be the first step to fighting fibromyalgia symptoms in your life.

Chiropractic Assistance

North County Pain Relief takes a gentle approach to combating the symptoms of fibromyalgia- this includes a chiropractic massage which includes gentle manipulation of soft tissues to increase blood flow and relax muscles all while preventing injuries to the small muscles at the base of the spine by decreasing tension and allowing them to relax.

Dr. Elsey at North County Pain Relief is an experienced chiropractor that can help you with everything from creating stress management plans to giving you exercises to help relieve your pain. A chiropractic massage may also help ensure your muscles are relaxed and less likely to cause painful nervous system reactions.

Final Thoughts

Chiropractic care may be able to greatly improve the quality of your life especially if you suffer from chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. While it may seem like an impossible condition to treat, there are many treatments available, so don’t lose hope. If you or a loved one need assistance in treating fibromyalgia pain, contact North County Pain Relief today for a free initial consultation!