Text Neck and Treatment

Text Neck is a term used to describe the pain or injuries caused from looking down at a mobile device for extended periods of time.  You probably have your cell phone with you around the clock, but do you ever think about your posture when you are using your phone?  While you are texting a friend, playing a game, or checking sports updates, you are probably straining your neck or back.

Text Neck is a funny name, but the consequences can be painful.  Symptoms for Text Neck include the following: chronic headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, upper back pain, and increased curvature of the spine.  The poor posture associated with text neck can cause decreased lung capacity as well.

When you lean over your phone your center of gravity shifts.  This can increase the weight of the head on the spine and strain the cervical spine.  The human head typically weighs about twelve pounds.  By changing the angle of your head and neck you can add additional burdens, a 15-degree angle can cause your head to weigh about 27 pounds, while a 45-degree angle can cause your head to weigh about 49 pounds.

A gallon of milk weighs about 8.5lbs.  Imagine carrying around 5 gallons of milk hanging from your neck.  That is the stress you are putting on your spine by poor posture while you are using your cell phone. The additional wear and tear on the spine can lead to degeneration.

Having your neck forward with this additional weight over long periods of time can cause the tissue to become inflamed and sore.  It can cause muscle strain, herniated disks, pinched nerves, and even begin to remove the neck’s natural curve over time.  Poor posture can also reduce lung capacity.  Regular chiropractic care is ideal for addressing your overall health, including the health of your neck and spine.

Try to prevent text neck by holding your phone at eye level as much as you can, or look down at your phone with your eyes, instead of bending your neck.  Take breaks when you are using your phone or computer. Try gently stretching, roll your neck around in a circle and look from left to right.

If you are having trouble remembering to watch your phone posture, you may be interested in an app called the Text Neck Indicator.  This app has been developed to help alert you when you are using your phone with poor posture.  It can track your phone usage posture during the day with the hope of preventing and reducing the harmful effects of Text Neck.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of Text Neck come in to the office for a convenient appointment.  We can help treat the underlying issues of the pain as well as give you advice and exercises to help prevent future damage.