Stay Healthy St. Louis!

Chiropractors treat injuries and address pain, but we also want you to live proactively and attain the healthiest and happiest life possible.  Here are a few tips to promote wellness in your life.  Schedule an appointment today to get specialized information on living well and being pain free.

Stretch Daily!  Working to keep your body flexible and mobile can help you avoid many common pain causing injuries.  Range of motion can decrease over time and stiff cramped muscles are much more likely to be damaged than healthy and limber muscles.  Your stretches can be short, five or ten minutes, but those five or ten minutes can have years of impact.

Find a way to incorporate stretching daily, you can choose to start the day with some stretches to help you wake up and focus, or you can regularly stretch before your workout.  You can even do some nice relaxing stretches before bed.  Always be careful when stretching that you don’t strain your muscles, if you aren’t sure what stretches and exercises are right for you, come in to the office and we will develop a personalized plan.

Promptly Treat Injuries! If you have suffered an injury don’t wait until the pain is unbearable to seek help.  If you are ignoring an injury with pain medication, or explaining it away as old age, or accepting it as a part of life, you are living below your potential.  You are also damaging your body further.  If left untreated not only can the injury progress, but you run the risk of damaging other areas of your body as your body tries to compensate and protect the damaged area.

If left untreated even small injuries that do not cause much pain and are initially a small issue can leave you with discomfort and poor function for years.  It seems silly to let these little things progress but vast numbers of people are living with curable chronic pain.

Stay Active at Work! If your work includes long periods sitting in a chair be sure to break up the work day.  Stand at times if possible and get up and move around at least a time or two each hour.  Remaining seated for long periods of time negatively affects the body.  Eight hours a day five days a week is a huge percentage of your time, and without realising it you are probably putting stress on your body.

Remaining in one position for long periods of time, like sitting at your desk, can put pressure on your spine and can cause back pain and neck pain.  Take a brisk walk at lunch and find some exercises that you can sprinkle into your work day.

Call our office today to get personalized information and suggestions for keeping your body in the best possible health!