Spring into Health

As the warmer weather approaches so does our motivation to get outdoors and get moving! Staying active all year long can have a huge impact on your overall health but it isn’t always easy to do so during the colder months which is why when the warmer spring weather hits, we are ready to get moving!

Staying active doesn’t have to mean long hours in the gym but physical activity is

necessary to keep your muscles and joints moving. Warmer spring weather and increased daylight means that we have more opportunity to utilize the outdoors and here are a few ways we can “spring into health” using the great outdoors.


Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of physical activity for your body. It can be one of the easiest forms of exercise because it doesn’t require any equipment. Choose your destination, a nearby park or your neighborhood, and go!

Depending on your comfort level, you can determine how long and how far you choose to walk. A simple 15-30 minute walk a day can greatly improve your muscle and joint mobility.

During the winter months, we may not be as active because of the colder weather and this can cause for stiff muscles and joints. Simple exercises like walking can increase mobility in your muscles and joints allowing for full range of motion without pain or stiffness.

Hiking is also a great option to explore the outdoors and to add in some endurance and strength training. By increasing the amount of time you walk or hike each day you can increase your endurance and can exercise longer. Stick to a steady pace and you’ll find that each step will become easier and more enjoyable.

There are so many great hiking trails to choose from and to explore in your neighborhood which makes it easy to find the one that is best suited to you and your comfort level.


While physical activity is a must to remaining physically healthy, the spring sunshine can also be a great benefit for your body. Even if walking or hiking may be outside of your physical capabilities, just sitting in the sun can have a positive effect on your body!

Sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin which can give you more energy and help keep you mentally calm, positive and focused. Our bodies produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight and this helps our bodies maintain calcium and can help prevent brittle or thinning bones.

Increasing your time outdoors can have many long-term benefits to your body. The more active you remain, the more flexible your muscles and joints remain which means less body aches and pains.

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