Migraine Triggers

Chiropractic care can help dramatically with headaches and migraines.  Chiropractic does not have negative side effects, while many prescribed pain relievers do.  Spinal manipulation can provide improvement in neck based headaches almost immediately.  Manipulations and adjustments can also effectively treat tension headaches and the benefits of treatment are long lasting.  Addressing the root of the issue is always better than trying to treat only the symptoms.

Chiropractic care can help treat migraine headaches.  Migraine headaches are often triggered by certain things, types of foods, smells or visual stimulation can bring on a migraine.  Learning what your particular triggers are and learning to control or eliminate them is also important in addressing migraines.

Figuring out your triggers may take some time.  Take notes when you begin to feel a migraine coming on, see if you can see patterns after a few weeks or months.  If you have items that are consistently or often present you may have identified your triggers.

You can keep a journal or find an app.  There are many apps available that will help you track your possible triggers to find patterns.  The amount of sleep that you have had, the amount of exercise, or any medications you are on, smells, lights, even hunger can bring on an attack.  Make note if you have had a particularly stressful day or have just finished working out.  Even make notes of the weather, sometimes changes in weather tend to cause attacks.

We are providing a short list of some common food triggers.  Start with these and see if you can identify a trigger.

Cheese: Brie, Swiss, Parmesan, cheddar, Stilton.
Alcohol: champagne, red wine, beer, whiskey scotch.
Artificial sweeteners
Beans: lima beans, snow peas, fava beans.
Citrus fruit
Dairy: yogurt or sour cream.
Dried fish
Processed meat: bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat.
Nuts or peanut butter.
Salty food, pickled food or fermented food.

Our office can help you if you are suffering from migraines.  Dr. Elsey will take the time to become familiar with your particular situation and can help you begin to treat your migraines.  We can provide treatment, support, and help to get you started on the path to healing, call us today!