Improving your way of life – one movement at a time!

Have you noticed that you’ve become less active these past few years trying to navigate through a pandemic? Working at home, stay at home orders and businesses being shut down may have prevented you from being as active as you used to be and it’s possible that your body is currently going through a rough time. That’s why making sure that you are intentional about your daily movements can help aid in improving your way of life!


Making sure to exercise daily can seem like a chore if you place too much pressure on what exercises you must complete each day. Exercise doesn’t have to mean hours at the gym – it’s possible to make your everyday activities more active! By making small changes in your daily tasks, like taking the stairs instead of an elevator, you can increase the amount of movement you perform each day. Simple daily exercises can include:

  • Walking
  • Cleaning Your House
  • Mowing The Lawn
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Walking Your Dog

A simple switch to how you complete your daily tasks can help in increasing just how much exercise you get in a day. Try parking further away rather than in the closest available spot at the grocery store, make it your mission to go a little further when walking your dog – it’s just that simple! By introducing more movement into your day with some of the simple tasks above, you can help your muscles and joints from stiffening and allowing you more comfort and ease during your day.


Our muscles and joints go through a lot when we are active and in order to keep our muscles strong, flexible and healthy we must take the time to stretch. Stretching the muscles allows for flexibility and helps maintain a range of motion in the joints – helping to avoid any joint pain, strains or muscle damage.

Stretching in the morning can also relieve any tension or pain from sleeping the night before and can help increase your blood flow. Good blood flow means that you will have better distribution of oxygen throughout your body allowing your body to move more and to have less fatigue.


The overall range of motion a person has within their muscles and joints is known as mobility. Mobility is what prevents you from getting injured. By exercising and stretching our muscles, we are able to stay active and healthy for longer in life – improving our way of life!

If you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of muscle cramping happening in your body, it’s time to take action! Our bodies are designed to age but it’s important to understand that we can make a difference in how quickly our bodies respond to the aging process by exercising, stretching and increasing our overall mobility.

The saying goes “A Body in Motion Stays in Motion” and the more active we remain, the longer we can continue doing even the simplest of tasks!

If you are interested in learning how simple daily exercises and stretching with chiropractic care can help keep your body moving, please feel free to contact North County Pain Relief Center at (314) 731-4201.