Hip Health!

Keeping your hips and pelvis healthy and pain free is important.  Your spine and your pelvis work together, your spine rests on the pelvis; you could think of the pelvis as the spine’s foundation.  Issues like an uneven pelvis or muscle guarding can result in the upper spine compensating, problems in the spine can also cause referred pain to the pelvis.  Referred pain or reflective pain is pain that is felt in a separate area that the site of the stimulation.  Keeping both these areas healthy will do a great deal toward overall health!

If you are experiencing muscle spasms or pain in the pelvis or hips, chiropractic treatment may be able to remove pressure from the nervous system and relieve the pain and spasms.  If you are experiencing pain in your pelvis or hips make note of exactly where you are feeling the pain, the location of the pain can help to determine the underlying cause.

The hip is a complex joint with many factors, the movement is possible because of the tendons and muscle surrounding and attaching across the joint.  There are muscles that specifically control joint stability.  There are sacs of fluid, called bursae, located around the hip that promote ease of movement over the bone.  Any of these factors can begin to deteriorate or become inflamed.

There are a variety of causes that can result in hip pain.  If you are feeling pain on the outside of your hip, buttock, or upper thigh you are probably experiencing pain related to soft tissues, muscles, tendons or ligaments in the area of the hip.  Damage can include sprains and strains and can not only be incredibly painful but can have long recovery times or produce long term pain if not treated.

If the pain seems to be on the inside of the hip or groin you are probably suffering from problems in the joint.  Joints can be at risk for may reasons, particularly if the muscle group that surrounds the joint isn’t strengthened evenly.  We can help to heal damaged joints as well as coach you through proactive exercises and stretches to keep your joints protected and healthy.  

Sometimes hip pain can be caused by issues in other areas of the body, like diseases or conditions in the lower back.  We can work with you to address these areas naturally and help restore full function.

If you are suffering with hip or pelvic pain call our office today!