Hand Pain

If you have ever taken notes during a lecture or played a musical instrument for a long period of time you have probably experienced hand pain.  Tasks like knitting or typing can also cause discomfort.  It is frustrating to have pain disrupt an activity that you enjoy.

The hand is a very complex part of the body.  150 ligaments and muscles work with 27 bones to provide the range of movement and delicate function of the hand.  There are a lot of different parts of the hand that need to be in correct alignment in order to function correctly.  A misalignment or injury to one part will have a trickle down effect and can disrupt your body’s functionality and comfort.

The muscles of the hand can become fatigued with tedious activities such as playing instruments like the piano or the guitar.  Writing or knitting can also wear the muscles out.  Fatigued muscles do not always function the way they should, and if a muscles is irritated enough it will cause problems in the rest of your hand.  If a joint or bone becomes misaligned it will pull many of the muscles of the hand out of alignment. This can lead to spasms and severe tightening in the small hand muscles.

There are many different issues that can cause you to feel pain in your hand and fingers.  Carpal tunnel can cause hand pain.  You may experience pain from problems with the nerves, those issues typically show symptoms like numbness or tingling.  Often those issues are rooted further up in the arm in the shoulder or around the neck.  Damage to the hands from an accident or from arthritis can also cause discomfort and reduced functionality.

While you may think of spines when you think of chiropractic care or adjustment, your chiropractor can also address misalignments and pain in your hands. Your chiropractor will be able to discuss the symptoms you are experiencing and evaluate your situation to determine the root of the pain you are enduring.  We can help if you are suffering from pain or numbness in your hands.

Since our hands are such a vital part of our daily lives taking the time to care for them before you begin to see a problem can help to promote health and comfort. It is easy to take your body for granted.  If you aren’t feeling pain you probably aren’t thinking about all of the wear and tear, stress and pressure you are placing on your hands.

If you are going to be practicing an instrument or doing a repetitive and tedious action like writing or typing take some breaks and stretch your arms and hands.  Making the conscious effort to protect your hands before you begin to feel the physical reminder will help you down the road.  Visit your chiropractor for an alignment and to see about what stretches or exercises you should be including in your “hand care” regimen.

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