Four Common Conditions Your Chiropractor Can Treat!

Your chiropractor can help you in ways that you probably haven’t considered.  Here are four of the most common issues that we can help you address.

Whiplash – This injury is incredibly common.  We address a variety of accident related injuries but whiplash is a very frequent issue.  The neck wasn’t made to withstand the violent impact sustained in even low speed collisions, so the muscles and tendons are often damaged.  Some people don’t begin to feel the symptoms of whiplash until hours or days after the accident.

Prompt attention can greatly reduce the negative impact of a collision, be sure to seek a chiropractor immediately if you have been in an accident.  Aside from any injuries visible on the surface, the impact has almost certainly thrown your body out of alignment.

Lower Back Pain – Pain in the back, especially the lower back, is very common. Unfortunately many people tend to treat the symptoms instead of the real issue.  Pain medication isn’t solving anything, it is just helping you ignore the way your body is alerting you that something isn’t right.  Often lumbar pain is caused by misalignment in the spinal segments.

We can help address back pain that you may have been living with for years.  Our office can provide treatment that can help to reduce pain and can also help you regain mobility.  Ensuring that the spine is properly aligned will help to keep you from wearing down any one part of your spine prematurely.

Headaches – We frequently treat headaches, from migraines to tension headaches. Often the cause of headaches is a misalignment of the spine.  Gently adjusting the vertebrae can help to reduce or eliminate even chronic headaches.  Goodbye pain medication!

Shoulder Pain – Many people ignore shoulder pain, the same way they do back pain. At some point people decide that “this is just how it is” and don’t even look for a solution.  Why live with unnecessary pain?

It seems silly to let your body wear itself down prematurely when there is a safe, natural, long term solution available to so many common complaints!  Please call our office with any questions, we value your well-being and we want to help!